Mr. Mohammed MESSAOUDI

Research Assistant of of nuclear analytical techniques, Nuclear Research Centre of Birine, P.O. Box 180, 17200 Ain Oussera, Djelfa,  Algeria


Mohammed Messaoudi is currently working as Assistant Researcher at Nuclear Research Centre of Birine (CRNB), Ain Oussera, Algeria. Mr. Messaoudi has published more than ten papers in the field of medicinal plant, human health and environmental studies related to the Algerian and abroad. He is participant of many conferences and workshops related to neutron activation analysis method analysis. The main focus of his research is study and control of air quality in the urban sites (pollution by heavy metals, quality Assurance), also application of INAA technique for determination of trace elements in foodstuffs and other fields, his like learning and working in new areas.


Tel: +213664959195