Dr. Muzammil Iqbal

Department of Environmental Machinery, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, 156 Gajeongbuk-Ro, Yuseong-Gu, Daejeon 34103, Republic of Korea


Muzammil Iqbal born in 1988, obtianed his master degree in both Physics and Nanotechnology. Combining these backgrounds, he successfully obtianed his PhD in Materials Physics and Chemistry (2018) for research on the plasma based polymer surface treatment. He is senior researcher of Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials. His research focuses on plasma approaches to material treatment, fuel conversion, hydrogen production, biology, medicine and environmental control. Dr. Muzammil Iqbal has over 8 years' experience of plasma research in national laboratories and at universities in China, Pakistan and South Korea.

E-mail: muzammil@kimm.re.kr dcimz@outlook.com