The first National Conference of Materials Sciences and Engineering (MSE’22). 28-29 June 2022 Khenchela, Algeria


Abbes Lagrour- Khenchela University

Faculty of Sciences and Technology


In collaboration with

Laboratory of Metallurgy and Materials sciences, Annaba university & Tribology and materials Research Team, foundry laboratory, Annaba university


National Conference on Materials Sciences and Engineering (MSE’22) 28-29 June 2022 Khenchela, Algeria Call for paper

Abbes Laghrour University, Khenchela, Faculty of Sciences and Technology on collaboration With: Tribology and materials Research Team, foundry laboratory, Laboratory of Metallurgy and Materials sciences, Annaba university: The first National Conference of Materials Sciences and Engineering (MSE’22).

The MSE’22 is the First National forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of the Materials Science and Engineering. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest in Algeria. The main objective of MSE’22 is to provide a comprehensive global forum for experts and participants from academia and Industry to exchange ideas and present results of ongoing research. Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit their contributions to MSE’22.

 Important Dates

Submission Deadline                         Before April. 30, 2022

Notification of Acceptance                Before May.15, 2022

Conference Date                                June. 28-29, 2022

 Conference Topics

Topics of interest include but are not limited to

  1. Nanomaterials: Synthesis and characterization
  2. Materials and Environment.
  3. Renewable Energies : PV Systems, Wind Systems , Smart Grids, Optimization and identification Multi-sources, Optimization and diagnosis of multi-source systems
  4. Chemistry : Quantum chemistry : (Molecular docking), Molecular modeling, Materials Chemistry , Nanotechnology, Electrochemistry, Surface Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
  5. Engineering : Materials Engineering , Mechanical Engineering.
  6. Mechanical and Civil Engineering: (Automotive Technologies; Biomechanics; Construction Materials; Design and Manufacturing; Dynamics and Control; Energy Generation, Utilization, Conversion, and Storage; Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics; Heat and Mass Transfer; Micro-Nano Sciences; Renewable and Sustainable Energy Technologies; Robotics and Mechatronics; Solid Mechanics and Structure; Thermal Sciences).
  7. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering : (Advanced Materials Science; Biomaterials; Ceramic and Inorganic Materials; Electronic-Magnetic Materials; Energy and Environment; Materials Characterization; Metallurgy; Polymers and Nanocomposites).
  8. Theoretical & Computational Approach for Nanoscience.

 Honorary Chairs

Pr. CHALA Abdelouahed. Rector of Khenchela University Conference Chairs

General Chair: Dr. HEZIL Naouel U. Khenchela


Pr. FELLAH Mamoun U. Khenchela

Dr. AISSANI Linda U. Khenchela

Organizing committee Chairs

Dr. CHITOUR Mouard. U. Khenchela

Organizing committee Co-chairs

Dr. BENYZA Nabil. U. Khenchela

Dr. LAGGOUN Ounes. U. Khenchela

Dr. ALLAOUI Abd Elhalim. U. Khenchela

Organisation Committee

- Dr. BERKIA Abedelhak. U. Khenchela

- Dr. MENSOURI Khelifa. U. Khenchela

- Dr. BOUTOBBA Zina . U. Khenchela

- Dr. SAIDI Abdelkader. U. Khenchela

- Dr. NOUAR Abderrahim. U. Khenchela

- Dr. LEDMI Abdeldjalil. U. Khenchela

- Dr. OUANES Myiada. U. Khenchela

- Dr. AICHI Mohammed. U. Khenchela

- Dr. Khadraoui Faycel. U. Khenchela

- Dr. SAOUDI Abdenour U. Khenchela.

Scientific Committee Chair

Pr. FELLAH Mamoun. U. Khenchela.

Scientific Committee Co-Chair

- Pr. BOUMAAZA Abdecharif. U. Khenchela. Scientific Committee

- Pr. TOUHAMI Mohammed Zine, U. Annaba.

- Pr. LABAIZ Mohamed. U. Annaba.

- Pr. MECHACHTI Said. U. Annaba.

- Pr. HABA Hamada. U. Batna1

- Dr. BOUAKSA Fethia. U.Oran.

- Dr. HAFIED Meriem. U. Batna2.

- Dr. GOUDJIL Mohammed Bilal. U.Ourgla.

- Pr. GUEDRI Abdelmoumene. U. Souk Ahras.

- Pr. MIMANNE Goussem. U. Sidi Bel Abbès

- Pr. FARAH Hichem. U. Oum El Bouaghi.

- Pr. MEROUANI Slimane. U. Constantine 3.

- Pr. ZAABAT Mourad. INSEAT, Oum el Bouaghi

- Pr. KHELFAOUI Youcef. U. Bejaya.

- Pr. HAFDALLAH Abedelkader. U. Tebessa.

- Pr. DJEBAILI Hamid. U. Khenchela.

- Dr. CHIBA Younes. U. Media.

- Pr. ZEDIRA Hamma. U. Khenchela.

- Pr. DJELLOUL Abdelkader. U. Khenchela.

- Dr. BOULEHROUZ Salim. U. Khenchela.

- Dr. ABBOUDI Abedelaziz. U. Khenchela.

- Dr. DIREM Amani. U. Khenchela.

- Dr. BOUAKKADIA Amel. U. Khenchela.

- Dr. OUANES Miyada. U. Khenchela.

- Dr. CHERIET Abederrahmane. U. Laghouat.

- Dr. MIMOUNI Mourad.U. EL Oued.

- Dr. GHILANI Laala. U. Khenchela.

- Dr. FELLAH Amel. U. C. Maghnia.

- Dr. BOUTARFA Soumia. U. Khenchela.

- Dr. SAOUDI Abdenour U. Khenchela.

Plenary Speakers

- Pr. BENOUDIA Mohammed chérif. ENSMM, U. Annaba.

- Pr. BEZAZI Abderezzak. U. Guelma.

- Pr. KHELFAOUI Youcef. U. Bejaya

- Pr. BELYARDOUH Nacereddine. U. Annaba

- Dr. REZZAK Daoud. U. Khenchela.

- Pr. KAABECHE Khatima. National Polytechnic School. Constantine.

- Dr. BECHIRI Mohammed. U. Oum El-Bouaghi

- Pr. ZIDANI Mosbah. U.Batna2, LGEM Laboratory. U. Biskra. Submission

All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference.

Contributions should be submitted electronically as PDF, using our templatevia the conference submission Submission of extended abstract only via :

Submissions cannot be accepted via email.

Conference web Site :

Contact :

Registration fee: There is no registration fee.

Language : Papers will be presented in French or English

Conferences Proceeding

All accepted paper will be published in indexed conferences proceeding with ISBN Number (Will be announced later).