Gamma spectrometry for natural radioactive nuclides in Spa waters in some areas in north Algeria

  • Tarek Azli Nuclear Research Centre of Draria CRND, / COMENA. Algiers, Algeria
  • Faiza Zidouni LMFTA Laboratory, Faculty of Physics, University of Sciences and Technology- USTHB, Algiers, Algeria
  • Mohammed Messaoudi Nuclear Research Centre of Birine
  • Abderezzak Hadri Nuclear Research Centre of Draria CRND, / COMENA. Algiers, Algeria
  • samir begaa CRNB
Keywords: Natural Radioactive, Spa waters, Gamma spectrometry, Radium 226, Potassium 40, Algeria


The work aims to determine the radioactivity levels of Algeria thermal waters which have been used permanently in spas for therapeutic intentions. Eight Spas waters in north Algeria analysis was performed to determine their radioactivity concentration for 226Ra, 232Th, 235U and 40K, using a high-resolution HPGe γ-spectrometry system. Water is imbedded in a Marinelli beakers tightly sealed for 28 days to achieve secular equilibrium between 226Ra and its short-lived daughter products before analyzing by gamma ray spectrometry. The average activity concentrations for spa waters from study areas were 0.045 to 2.077 Bql-1 for 226Ra; 0.17to 3.416 Bql-1 for 232Th; 0.085to 7,235 Bql-1 for 235U and 1.402 to 15.156 Bql-1 for 40K. This study would be useful for used and official authorities for the assessment of radiation exposure risk due to usage of the considered spa waters.


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Azli T, Zidouni F, Messaoudi M, Mesbout B, Hadri A, Begaa S. Gamma spectrometry for natural radioactive nuclides in Spa waters in some areas in north Algeria. Alger. J. Eng. Technol. 2021, 5:43-48.



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