Study and evaluation of electronic transport property for an InAlN based on Monte Carlo

  • Zakarya Kourdi Department ground application system in center of exploitation satellites telecommunication (C.E.S.T), Alger, Algeria.
  • Mohammed Khaouani Department of Electricals and Electronics Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University Abou Bekr Balkaid-Tlemcen, Post Box 230, Pole Chetouane, 13000 Tlemcen, Algeria.
Keywords: Mocasim, Tcad-Silvaco, Monte Carlo, InAlN/GaN


The emergence of the semiconductors III-N with heterojunction structures has made it possible to study a wide range of two-dimensional phenomena. This paper devotes to simulate the characteristics of the InAlN material, taking into ac-count temperature and doping as dependencies of conduction properties and performance using MOCASIM of the Tcad-Silvaco software. For the electronic transport model analyzing, we adopted most of the predominant mechanisms using various scattering effects including: optical phonon scattering, acoustic phonon scattering through deformation potential and piezoelectric potential, ionized impurity scattering, and grain boundary scattering. As expected, the carrier transports in the GaN layer are affected by the spontaneous polarization of the InAlN layer. To interact that, the diffusion of grain boundaries has been switched from the diffusion of ionized impurities by the deposition of InAlN. In order to achieve the most improvement possible for the electron transferring in terms of thickness and alloy composition related to the improvement of super-deposited layers. The confinement of sub-bands in channel quantum well is also taken into account in the computation of electron mobility. In the end, the adopted electron model is improved by including the effects of deep electron traps.


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